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Catalan Away


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Definately doesn't look like that many wolves fans there but there are a lot.  Thunder storm and forked lightening seem to have stopped but it's still raining.  Fancy going all that way to get absolutely soaked :lol:


Score at half time 10 - 6 to Warrington. 


Seems wierd watching TV with french commentary... I can't understand a word they are saying :lol:

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I did it to watch Gt Britain play France in Carcassone in 1993 it was a nightmare endurance feat ..never again. 

And to cap it all Ellery Hanley(capt) led the team off at the end without allowing them to come over to the British end to give us a wave  :angry:


March 7th 1993

France 6 Gt Britain 48   att.5,500


Fullback 1. Stuart SPRUCE Wing  2. John DEVEREUX Centre  3. Andy CURRIER Centre  4. Gary CONNOLLY Wing 5. Alan HUNTE   © 6. Garry SCHOFIELD 7. Shaun EDWARDS   Front Row Neil COWIE Hooker  9. Steve McCURRIE Front Row 10. Steve MOLLOY Second Row IA 11. Richie EYRES Second Row 12. Phil CLARKE   13. Ellery HANLEY   Bench 14. Mike FORD

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