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Wallace & Gromit


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Im going to watch this film tonight.

Mu daughter has already seen it and loved it.

She said the stinking bishop gets a mention.

For these who do not know this is a very very smelly cheese.

Now I love my blue cheese's when in UK Paul bought a small slice of this cheese.

Let me tell you its hums tastes like how I would imagine a sweaty sock would taste.

Mind you since the release of the film there has been an increase in demand.


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Did Tony like it or not BUT from the clips I've seen it looks really good and bound for an Oscar.


I didn't care for Chicken Run but this has the cheeky dog at it's best and the old man is cool.

I liken the dog to my daughter and me to the old man take of that what you will. :D Mind you I haven't seen the film all the way through so I could be putting my foot in my big mouth. :wink:

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So it's like CHICKEN RUN? My grandson can do a line from that - the plucky hen says in a British accent (?) "Are those my only choices?" Sounds exactly like the movie.


Today NPR had an interview with a Charles Martel, owner of the Stinky Bishop Cheese business. Says he's happy to be small, doesn't need any additional business, and admits the cheese is not to many peoples taste.

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