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Thatchers Legacy


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Conservative MP David Amess has tabled a debate  in the House of Commons on Maggie Thatchers legacy.


One needs to ask Why? What purpose does it serve, considering she's  been dead for 4 months? and

Have the House of Commons nothing better to discuss? 


All that put to one side it seems that only 6 Conservative MP's turned up and 1 opposition MP, which may well answer the above questions.

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David Amess's first statement was :-


With your permission, Mr Speaker, I have agreed with the Minister to take a number of interventions on the basis that all the interventions are of a pleasant nature.


Not much chance of an unpleasant one considering the numbers. :roll: 

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Think you will UKIP MEPs are doing that Baz


The problem is Kije...they are ALL doing it. The only reason that our politicians are so enthralled by the EU is because they see it as somewhere they can pop off to after their grubby careers in the UK are either finished (in the case of Kinnock) or put on hold while the heat dies off (in the case of Mandleson)


The deputy commissioners job was given to some woman that no one had ever heard of from the UK and the commissioners job was the same...... multi-millions and millions of pounds; wasted on ego trips and the desire to screw the taxpayers of Europe into funding their pet projects and expansion plans

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The voting system for the EU Parliament has allowed smaller parties to get MEPs, which gives them a better platform for advocating their policies; and after next year's election they'll have a lot more !  However, if and when, the British electorate start electing them as UK MPs, then we'll have a chance of exiting the EU and all the nonsense that goes with it.

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Never forget more people voted against her than for her Asp, :wink:

You can say the same for every Prime Minister this country has had for the last century, if you're talking about total votes for and against the ruling party. In her own constituency of course a majority voted for her.

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