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Kenneth Branagh as FDR


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This is for the oldtimers. When I was growing up, FDR was ALWAYS the president, Joe Louis was ALWAYS the world champion boxer, and Elizabeth Taylor was ALWAYS the world's prettiest girl.


I just want to say here that Kenneth Branagh has been a screen idol of mine for years, even when he plays bit parts like the cold blooded adminstrator in Australia's RABBIT PROOF FENCE. He has the range to be likeable and to be evil. Anyway, he was terrific this week on TV as Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the 1920's when he was side-lined with polio from politics and trying to get his life back on track with therapy at Warm Springs Georgia. It was beautifully filmed and it was a love story with Eleanor -- ignoring recent media revisionist gossip. Branagh has the charisma to play these larger than life historical figures.

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