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Spotted any Deer recently in Warrington?

Geoffrey Settle

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To think that this started off as a sensible topic.  :lol:


BazS.. errm you'll get use to daft moments on here with time and they soon pass.... well until the next day or the next post anyway :wink: 


Trying to bring it back to sense for a minute or two.....


There is often one near the Chester Road swing bridge apparently and it has been seen quite a few times by regulars in the local pub and people waiting for the swing bridge to open. 

It's a bit timid and tries to hide.


Do you ever go that way RockyC as you might see it too if you keep your eyes peeled.   

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Ha ha Algy but yes that's roughly where I meant :)


One of the locals managed to get a pic of it this morning when the bridge was off for absolutely ages thanks to a broken down boat being pushed along.


Anyway here it is hiding behind the wall looking a bit worried :(



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Last night I spoke to BazS who kindly posted the image of a deer at Moore Nature Reserve.  He couldn't understand why a certain poster refused to believe him as he has absolutely no reason to lie.  I explained to him that said poster is a bit of a balloon and to take no notice as up to now he has proved harmless.  :wink:

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