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maggoty bins

Evil Sid

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...... can't say I have ever had a problem with maggots in my bin, and even if I had, they are not regarded as a threat to humans or pets. Just saying



In the 22 years we've lived here we've never had maggots either (or so many flies).


Maggots in a bin wont hurt pets but the damn flies that they turn into can .... never heard of fly strike Wolfie ? 


And of course maggots turn into flies which then spread germs and disease.


Anyway, my bins been just been emptied hurrah and glad to say most of the little critters  have gone off on holiday in the big yellow van.  There are a few remaining which have survived inside or clung onto the rim as it was emptied and they are now having a swim in lots of water and bleach :) 


I feel sorry for the bin men :(

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Maybe we should all form one, can you sing or play any instruments Middlec ?




Hi Diz,

For far too many years (retired now) I was a drummer, hence my impaired hearing...............but not actually from drumming.

All bands put the guitar amps and speakers at the back of the stage next to the drums so the drummer can hear.

Well guess what folks, now I can't hear !!!

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 Ok so weird question.. but then I am weird at times and find myself doing strange things. :lol:


One solitary maggot survived my attempts to eradicate all traces from my bin over the past few weeks and also my swimming lesson today.


It must be a determined little chap/chapess so I have now given it the benefit of the doubt and have it in a clear plastic cup (outside I hasten to add) with cling film on the top. 


What should I feed and how should I look after it as I'd like to know what it will actually turn into... an indoor house fly, a outdoor green bottle or something different ?


It's quite small and on it's own it actually quite cute to watch and if I put my warm hand on the outside of the plastic cup it follows the warmth of my hand.  


It doesn't seem to like dog food or low fat sausage... so what do I do now to help it evolve ?


If it's still alive tomorrow I might even give it a name... any suggestions ?


Yep I've even surprised myself too with this one :oops:  :lol:

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Rotted food stuff is the best for maggots, it's why they use them in medicine. They are used to treat wounds.




Has to be the right breed of maggot though and they fetch quite a price.


Maybe that is what the fortnightly bins collection is really about. Not money saving but money making using our bins to breed maggots. :mrgreen:


As for a name not really sure as to the sex of a maggot so maybe spot would suffice.

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So what are you going to do with the fly , spray it with fly killer?


I don't think it will get to that stage Coffee as it doesn't seem to be eating anything and hardly moves now. I think it's about to pop it's clogs.  Ahh well. 


I just wondered if Geoff was right about how maggots get in bins and if it had indeed come from kitchen waste food that may have been left on a plate for a little while or something.  If it turned into a green bottle then it's not from inside as they never come in the house.


... and I would have let it go :wink:

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Surely it's completely wrong that I am sat here looking at the clock and actually feeling excited.  It's not xmas eve or my birthday tomorrow..... it's just the day my black bin will be emptied and I can bleach it out again and hopefully I wont have to get my 'flame thrower' out like I have been doing for the past 4 days.    


Best not to ask about that last bit as I realise it was probably a bit brutal and harsh (but safe and no chance of a fire in case the fire brigade are reading)... but made me feel better this afternoon. 


36 green bottle flies, 16 black/house type flies and 5 flies which looked like giant house flies with white specks on their bodies.  They are harder to zap though as they seem to be more in tune to heat and movement  :oops:  :oops:


When do flies start to die off as some of the green bottles were quite small so must have just 'evolved' quite recently and I've never seen baby green bottle  flies before.  I couldn't get myself to BBQ those or the little solitary maggot that was crawling up my bin lid.  I clearly need to get tougher if I want to win the battle  :|   :lol:

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Flies don't grow, they just come in different sizes depending on the size of the maggots.


EEK do you think the green bottles have cottoned on and are evolving to be much smaller to gain entry Asp ? The 'baby' one I watched seemed to be able to get under the rim of my bin lid and then reappeared at a different point :shock:  

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