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maggoty bins

Evil Sid

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Seems the council are concerned that we are not looking after our rubbish properly and this is leading to an increase in flies and maggots in the bins due to the warm weather.


They are to issue a leaflet to inform us of the correct way to dispose of our rubbish, eg wrap any food waste securely.


If you do get maggots then pour a bleach solution over your rubbish in the bin.


did we ever have this problem when they were emptied once a week, well yes but at least you could clean the bin out if you had a hosepipe and /or a pressure washer. Don't know what happened to the van that used to come round once a month and do that for you at a cost of £2.00.


Instead of bleach solution i tend to use Jeyes fluid in a spray bottle when the bin has been emptied, smells better than bleach and has a better effect on getting rid of any maggots.


All we have to do then is to get the rest of the people in the street to follow suit and maybe even take their bins in when they have been emptied and the place will be a much nicer one to live in.




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They just need to go back to collecting them once a week and for the likes of the Councillors involved to admit they made a complete and utter arse of the whole situation.


I had a bin full of maggots a few weeks back. I bag everything I throw away and the buggers still got in..... Cllr David Keane reckons it is rare for maggots to develop.... I'd like to tell him that after having my own house for almost 30 years this is the first time I have EVER had maggots in my bins and it is down to his councils lack of service and cuts; not the way I dispose of my rubbish that is the cause.


Maybe if they had spent less money on golden handshakes and pension contributions getting rid of the likes of Diana Terris and handing over huge sums to the new (temporary????) Chief Exec; there may have been some left over for frontline services......mind you, I suppose it would have boosted their little lefty egos' to be able to blame it on the Tories funding cuts!

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Don't get me started on bloody flies.  We live in a terrace house so the bin is in the back yard next to the house.




I've tried everything I can think of so far for over a MONTHS NOW and it makes no real difference. I can't even sit out with my if the sun's out and even the dog stays indoors now too as she must be sick of the flies too.


I've even stopped putting my washing out on really sunny days after finding them all over it.  I threw my towels away as I couldn't face using them after that. 


  • All our waste is bagged and tied before being put in the bin. 
  • Dog waste is picked up immediately, double bagged and the area swilled down (thought I’d mention that before someone blames the flies on my dog)   
  • The bin was bleached out thoroughly inside and out 3 weeks ago (I forgot to do it last week after it was emptied).
  • The lid is ALWAYS fully closed. 
  • This week so far I have used another half a tub of 'bin buddy fly repellent' in it (still another week to go until collection time)
  • I've cleaned the outside with neat jeyes fluid and also cleaned the whole yard with the same twice in 3 days but that's not made any difference.
  • I have a fly swat outside and started splatting them just to make me feel better.... I don't recommend that now though as that attracted wasps and other flies who then ate the splatted ones.  I have fly spray instead.... still not making any difference though.
  • I’ve peeled all the labels off and scrubbed away the glue…. Ok so that was a long shot.




I agree with what you say Evils and I too wonder if it would help if other people didn't just leave their bins and rubbish out in the service roads round here 24/7 which really annoys me and also if the few irresponsible dog walkers who walk down the backs cleaned up their dogs mess !!   


Saying all that I have just done something I have never ever done before and my bin has just got a new home for today and out in the back too now…….. It’s been out there for ½ an hour now and there are no flies in my yard HURRAH


I guess I have no option but to buy some very strong bin sacks and bag the whole lot up and take it to the tip tonight in my own car when it’s not so sunny and warm as bin collections not until next Wednesday.   Bloody marvellous !!!!!


I know the nice weather makes flies worse but I have lived here for 22 years and I have never had a problem like this with green bottles before


Anyway rant over…. sorry

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Wrapping up waste food in plastic bags, may keep the flies out; BUT weren't we told NOT to put plastic waste in our black bins? It would help, if the S/markets didn't keep pushing two/three for one offers, plus loads of packaging - if we didn't create the waste in the first place, there might be nowt left for the flies !

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How do you get your rubbish in? :lol:


:P  :lol:


Fugs.... there's no way I'm looking through my bags for maggots.  I'm best not knowing things like that..... but if anyone wants to put theirs in tubs I'm sure my dad would like them for when he goes fishing  8)


PS I have had no green bottles in my back yard all afternoon since shoving my bin in the backs :) 

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:lol:  :lol:  :lol:


I'll try the salt / vinegar Vic (although the flies are not getting into my bin they are just all around it).  Question though.... doesn't the wind blow the salt off and the rain wash the salt and vinegar away ?  Worth a try though :)

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I've just read this link from Woking County council about wheelie bins and maggots


there is also advice on the site about kitchens - now I remember leaving some cooked chicken in the oven for about two days and low and behold it was crawling with - yes you guessed it maggots. We have had exceptionally warm weather this year so extra care is needed.  This being the UK we know it won't last.



The life cycle of a fly is made up of four stages; egg, larva (maggot), pupa and adult (fly). The length of this cycle is variable. In high temperatures developing from egg to larva can take as little as 8-16 hours. Flies are also vulnerable to changing weather conditions, a small increase in temperature can lead to a rapid growth in the density of the housefly population.

Flies are attracted to odours and will lay their eggs in moist or decomposing material. They are especially attracted to materials with high protein content such as meat and fish.

The majority of maggots that are found in wheeled bins usually originate in the kitchen. Eggs are laid on food that has been left uncovered, and this waste is then transferred to your silver kitchen caddy or green food waste collection bin where the eggs then hatch into maggots. The best method of controlling the fly population is to break the breeding cycle by limiting the areas where they may lay eggs.

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Good advice and I'm sure most people don't leave food waste out out but in reality it's not much use to us though is it Geoff as their website also says....


Do not dispose of food waste in your black wheeled bin - this is collected fortnightly, whereas your green food waste container is collected weekly.


I got some bin sacks earlier to put my already bagged waste in to take the lot to the tip so I can beach my troublesome bin out thoroughly.  It's not particularly smelly when you lift the lid as I put bin fresh/ fly killer/repellent powder in daily (like already mentioned).  I took 4 carrier bags of rubbish out and then I was nearly sick.




There were more than this but by the time I'd got my camera most had all scuttled off lower into my bin.  I don't think I'll bother with the tip now as I cant get myself to look any deeper let alone put it in my car... PUKE !!!



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Geoff.... posting a link to a website which states that food and composting waste is collected weekly has just totally destroyed your councils justification of fortnightly bin collections and them not being party to concerns about maggots and flies....

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OK... so I'll be brave tomorrow and get them out of my bin... what was your address again Algy as I noticed on the other topic that you mentioned you've not been fishing much this year. 


Don't worry I'll just post them through your letterbox if you aren't in :lol:

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I've just found this advice from Ozz on a discussion forum by Wayne :arrow:


Alright posters,
I live in north west western Australia and maggots in the bin is par for the course and we get the bin emptied weekly.All the drongos saying double wrap food,keep it in the fridge til the night before blah blah blah are full of the flies favourite food!They are a part of the natural world and don't seem to be such a huge issue here as people are used to it,they are still gross though.I feel a bit sorry for that poor girl when all these English experts are telling her she should take more responsibility for her kids etc.Wake up and lighten up.

16th Aug 2010, 23:59


other posters like Joy and Linda recommend  http://www.binifresh.com/binifresh.php for those hot summer months.


Has anyone tried the products?

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Are you suggesting we should all 'just get used to it' like the Ozz bloke says Geoff ?  You can come round for a cuppa one day if you like and sit next to my bin and I bet you wont last 5 minutes :lol:  


I've not tried their products. I clicked on the three links to where you can buy binifresh from (ie Lakeland, Tesco and John Lewis)... and none sell it :roll:  :roll:  :roll:


This place sells them but the unit and one refill costs £21 (inc delivery) http://www.britishbins.co.uk/binifresh/  a bit expensive IMO.


I've been using this for the past month and it does stop my bin smelling but is clearly NOT repelling flies or killing them or their maggots.       




Anyway not to worry... only 3 more days until bin collection day and my bin still seems happy out in the service road.

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Geoff is just trying to deflect attention from the crazy decision that his council have made.... Hopefully 2014 will see a cull of all these "do as I say" councillors and the election of those that want to look after the interests of council tax paying Warrington residents rather than worrying about rights for pikeys and the building of cycle lanes (that no one uses) and of screwing money from parking motorists....


we can but hope

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I think I'm finally winning... HURRAH :)


..... well ok black bin is still in the backs and has been filled with nearly a whole can of fly/ant spray etc etc in the past few days and the lid is completely taped down now around the edges.  I'm using my clean blue bin which was emptied on Wed as my temp black bin for now and all seems to be a little better :)


Eurika :)

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