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Pavement Works Stockton Heath/Lower Walton


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Anyone know why they are digging holes in the pavements around Stockton Heath and who is doing it as I can't find anything online?


They've gone down Walton Heath Road now (Walton not SH.... or Walton Inferior is PJ is reading :lol: ) and I noticed a lot of the other side roads have paint markers on them too.


I presume it's some sort of utilities work but not water as those pipes are under the road not the pavements.


I was going to ask two of the workers today when I was walking past but one was f'in and blinding loudly as he chatted to his chum that I didn't bother...... not very professional behaviour and could explain why there was no company name on their vans :roll:

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I haven't spotted him Peter (although he was right behind me this morning coming past Crossfields as I recognised his reg :wink:  I was going to wave but then realised he wouldn't have a clue who I was and I'd have looked a bit weird  :lol:


I know what they are doing now ... they are laying new gas pipes.   Blimey you should see it around here now though there's hardly a pavement untouched, holes everywhere and temp pathways on roads and they are getting closer to me by the minute.  EEK 


I've told them to look for Roman coins and cremation urns :lol:

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Well i hope that they leave the pathways in a better state than down our street, had they put cobbles on the pavement they would be an improvement. In saying that there is one street near me that has nice new tarmacked pavements on both sides. Coincidence that it just happens to be where a councillor lives. :wink:

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