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Who will win the premiership 2013-14



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  1. 1. Who will be Champions 2013-14

    • Man United
    • Man City
    • Chelsea
    • Arsenal
    • Tottenham
    • Everton
    • Liverpool
    • Other

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Latest odds and transfers for season 2013-14


Man City    2/1   spent  £103m

Chelsea      2/1    spent  £60m

Man United 4/1    spent  £29.9m

Arsenal      12/1   spent  £42.0

Liverpool    12/1   spent  £45m

Tottenham 22/1   spent  £102.0m

Everton     500/1  spent  £21m

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Too early for the Liverpool revolution under Brendan. I'd put them as an outside bet for 4th but likely 5th. Chelsea will win it City 2nd and Man U 3rd on current squads. Everton I think will struggle. Mid table.


Still 2 weeks of the TW to go so I may revist that.

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You Man Utd haters have been doing them down for the last 10 years...."ooh they won't win it this year" and all that nonsense... I even remember a very close friend of mine telling me Liverpool were going to win it (about 5 or 6 years ago) and that United wouldn't make the top 6!!!

Utd will win it, Chelsea runners up and Citeh will scrape third just ahead of Tottenham... then Everton and Liverpool will be fighting off relegation!


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