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Increase of shipping MSC ?


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With the increase in shipping, would you fancy your home port as Warrington Asp :wink:

To be honest no, getting into the MSC from sea is a workup for everyone on board. 10 years ago I was on a ship running exclusively Stanlow to Londonderry and back for 8 weeks. It was an experience I wouldn't care to repeat thanks.

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To help sort out any problems with the increase in canal traffic and disruption when the bridges are off, perhaps we should ask United Utilities to expand their work under the ship canal to make a tunnel?  This is the work they are doing on Ellesmere Road, digging 20m down to replace mains water piping under the MSC that has been in place since the canal was built in the 1890's. The work on the other side is near the entrance to Morrison's.




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