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Warrington Town starting Line-Up?


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Keeper is a given. McCarten at the back but not sure who with yet. Dogan looked good in front of the back line on Saturday but yet to be convinced by him. Killer / Wharton up front with Gaghan out left . I'd give him license to roam to make him more effective. Still think we need a ball winner in the middle but perhaps too late for the start of the season. Mooney in the middle pushing forward. They I think are the key players.

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                           Davies                               Robinson                                         McCarten                  Short


Dawson                                                     West                       Dogan                    Mannix                             Kilheeney





Dawson and Kilheeney joining with Ben Wharton when appropriate. Dogan protecting, West (ball winner and distributor)  hasn't lost a tackle and misplaced hardly any passes in preseason. Mannix creative as we all know. Back four is looking more solid with the acquisition of Robinson.  

Gaghan Mooney and Miles I see as impact players from the bench.

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I have not seen the recent games but having watched all the home games, i think Mannix makes our midfield slow. the best performance i saw was from our midfield was against Stoke our midfield was fantastic, Dogan sitting and West and Brett doing the running,


again this might have been one game but it was one of the strongest displays i have seen from our midfield in ages.

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Just when we start to look and play like 'A TEAM' I read that Shaun has begun signing more players. Last year we signed-on so many players there was never a settled team - is this year about to be exactly the same?

I think you will find that the new signings you are reading about are slightly old news in the main and have been there or there abouts for a while.

But at the end of the day you will find that players will come and go at this level on a pretty regular basis and the team that starts the season will not be the same that finishes it - they never are at this level.

Even Skem who won the title last year shipped players in and out throughout the season - they even loaned one of their star strikers to Warrington!

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