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Sweeney Todd - Anyone going to see it?

Student Geoff

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Looks a good musical - yes musical with Johnny Depp playing a very versatile role.


For many a poor orphan lad / The first square meal he ever had / Was a hot meat pie made out of his dad/From Sweeney Todd the Barber. ...

Chicago Sun-Times - Roger Ebert - 21 Dec 2007

Depp is excellent in Sweeney Todd film

25/01/2008 - 3:43:12 PM


Sweeney Todd


Director: Tim Burton


Cast: Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman, Helena Bonham-Carter, Timothy Spall


Cert: 16


The much-anticipated musical about the demon barber who did more than snip off the odd stray lock ? he snipped off the heads of his customers and turned them into pies ? brings us another wonderfully atmospheric offering from Burton.


It also brings us a singing ? sort of ? Depp and a film that is both dark and funny. It?s also, of course, vastly entertaining in the manner only Burton knows.


Depp is, it goes without saying, quite excellent as the demented stylist, matched by that most Gothic of actresses, Bonham-Carter.


Fans of Burton will love every frame; fans of Depp will be running alongside them ? you simply couldn?t dislike it.


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