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Favourite book


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Far too big a question to address right now, I could probably get it down to a top ten... eventually. Those that I return to again and again include:


Catch 22; The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B; Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance; Puckoon; Great Expectations; Cannery Row; The Return of the Native; The Tin Drum; Lolita; Bonfire of the Vanities; As I lay Dying; Moby **** ; Catcher in the Rye...(that's enough for now - Ed.).

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1st would be "Star Gazy Pie" - by Laura Lockington - set in Cornwall at Christmas :D


2nd would be " Hens dancing" by Raffaella Barker, there are another two after that which were just as good but love the first best.


Both books well loved, best I've ever read and I have re read many times,a tadge dog eared now :roll:

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It would be 'The Bells of Scotland Road'. I cannot remember who wrote it. It was either Ruth Hamilton or Lyn Andrews.


Set in Scotland Road and the docklands area of poor Liverpool. A fab read about how families used to share and another guest was never a problem, it just meant less on the plate for the others. The sharing of a communal toliet and the old tin bath scenario.


A lovely read.


Jayne :D

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hmm looks round the room at the stuffed to bursting bookcases and piles of books stacked by bed, scratches head and shrugs. the only good answer i can give to this is whatever i happen to be reading at the present time.


catch 22 is a good book as is the cruel sea, most agatha christies but my first love is anything science fiction. not over keen of science fantasy but do enjoy terry pratchet.

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