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despicable or not

Evil Sid

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I have just had a conversation with my two younger brothers. They have been attending the funeral of a young boy who was a passenger on their bus and died suddenly. The reception afterwards was held at roosters which has a small car park and as a result several of the people attending parked by the bowling green pub on old liverpool road. imagine then when they found out that levers had called the council to complain about them being illegally parked. The result being that the council called a traffic warden off his dinner break to go and ticket all the cars that were parked there from the funeral.


Now they should not have been parked there as there are signs up prohibiting parking from 08.30 to 18.30. However had the pub car park not been full of lever brothers employees cars they would have been able to park in there without incurring a penalty. As far as I know levers have their own on site parking so there is no need for them to be using the pub car park at all.


So in a way levers caused this problem by allowing employees to use parking that could be used by the public.

The thing that I find that is despicable is that lever called the council. so maybe it is time that whomever owns the pub or has the lease agreement should now start to complain to levers about their employees blocking up the car park.


now then anybody know who does own the lease or the pub?

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as far as i am aware Cleo levers just called the council to complain about cars parked there. nobody from levers probably knew it was a funeral. one thing that was noted at the time was two cars that were illegally parked that did not have tickets put on them whilst the car next to them did.

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