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Skittles Am I the only one who quite likes them


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I quite like the Skittles, well not really the skittles itself but the fountains,  steps, flowers and other bits but a million pound worth not sure I like them that much. As a child on warm days used t o kick off my shoes and go running through the fountain that shoots up from the ground, then wonder round town in my socks or barefoot. Been tempted do that this week again!!!

Think the council paid that American far to much too to design them

the fountain of rubbish by the old boots building, well that was a waste

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Just realized after reading a web page about the skittles they were finished around 1999, so I would have been 12 or 13 so my memories of getting soaked in the fountains must be from some place else.


Kind of disappointed .

It was probably a burst water main that you ran through as a child !

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A few years ago when the signs first appeared advertising the "Cultural Quarter" I toured the town and to this day I have never managed to locate it. :unsure:


Mary, the Alice in Wonderland figures are excellent and I'm sure keep the youngster amused but why Warrington has adopted Lewis Carroll goodness knows as he had nothing to do with Warrington, he came from Newton by Daresbury with his father being the Rector of Daresbury Church, Daresbury has never been part of the Warrington district and came under the Runcorn district and is now incorporated into the Borough of Halton.

Daresbury Church has a newly built Lewis Carroll centre attached to the church, worth remembering if you ever visit Warrington.

This a virtual tour of the church, be patient it is rather slow in loading.



The Alice Window.

Geoffrey Webb’s mark was a spider’s web that he would incorporate into the design of his windows. (not too easy to find and you will not see it in the picture).
The other object to look for is the grinning Cheshire cat, (easy to find and you will find it in the picture).



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Virtual tour is good but brought back some bad memories for me................... i got married in that church. :mrgreen:


I really did get marred there the vicar at the time was a good drinking buddy of the father in law.

What year was that Sid?.

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1978 algy was a Saturday and the traffic was terrible. was only me and the best man on my side of the church the other side was full of my wife's relatives mine were stuck trying to get through Warrington. They got there eventually and after that everything went off without a hitch, well apart from the scheduled one that is. Still married and happy,think that is down to the pills though, (not those pills though) :mrgreen:

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