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Which Film can you watch over and over?


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With many cable channels devoted to movies I get to watch the best parts of films I enjoy -- and then switch to another film for a best part. As good as Gandhi was, I cannot devote that many hours to multiple viewings.


I've seen Night of the Hunter twice and that was enough.


Never saw Lawrence even once -- don't care that much about Arabs or sand or delusionals.


I've seen From Here to Eternity a dozen times, and TV versions of the same story several times. That was enough.


Even though Jon Rhys Meyers was incredible as Elvis, I've seen that story too many times, couldn't stay tuned.


I've seen Love Actually four or five times all the way through on my DVD. Plan to see it a few more times.


Seen Casablanca with Bogart at least a dozen times. Think that's about it, milked all the dialog dry.


Titanic--- four times, maybe five.

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Ooops forgot to mention Seven Brides for Seven Bros. Have seen it a dozen times, we had the VHS and now the DVD. In fact, most musical films I could watch over and over just as we enjoy our music recordings. With Seven Brides the dancing was awesome, and Cole Porter's KISS ME KATE is a top musical along with Singin in the Rain and American in Paris. Yeah, those are evergreen.

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Originally posted by jerry:

Blades of Glory IS FUNNY -- saw it last night. I usually don't find Will Ferrell amusing, but this was a good script and well produced by Ben Stiller. Of course I love to watch figure skating and ice dancing.

I'm a big fan of Brian Boitano, myself .. have been for decades .. my younger son used to road-race with Mary-Etta .. in the days when little girls weren't supposed to race .. Mary-Etta Boitano, that is .. one race they were both so small they had to run through a flooded river, which came up to their shoulders .. but, hey, they survived ..



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Lawrence of Arabia


One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest


Close Encounters of the Third Kind


Jury's out on the Lord of the Rings trilogy - I'll watch the 3 again sometime.


Oh, and saw The Departed for the first time last week - good movie!

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