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Heatwave ? Warrington gritters are out


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... oh for the days, when we used burst the tar bubbles on the cobbled streets !

The number of times I was in trouble with my momma for doing that! I also used to love collecting it in a ball and seeing how big i could make the ball. Then when I took it into the house I was in trouble again. "Get that thing out of here....! I can still hear my momma shout, "and don't let me have to tell you again about playing with that tar! But it held such fascination for me. And like your momma, Algy, mine also used butter to clean the tar off my hands. Butter in those days must have had some magical ingredient. It was used for umpteen different things other than eating.

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Isn't that your job Gary and what you get paid for doing :wink: :P  (I AM KIDDING PLEASE DON'T BAN ME)  Thanks for the update :)


... so it seems from what you say that is it just a newly surfaced road that was having problems with the heat. 


The TV news made it sound like a lot of our roads were starting to break up due to the heat and having seen some of the very long 'ridges' appearing along Wilderspool Causeway/Kingsway (I think that's where I was yesterday anyway) I thought it was something to do with that. 


Silly me (as  usual maybe) and it's good that the council took swift action. Well done to them.


Question though.... if the salt grit is now embedded into the melting tar on the new surfaced roads will that cause problems further down the line or will it mean they now have a ready gritted road for when the snow and ice probably come at the end of August  :lol:  

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Obs, Algy, Wolfie and Cleo....... I have only ever had the misfortune  of dealing with tar twice.  Once was when it (and some stones) stuck to my car wheel, the other was when my son was younger and somehow stood in some on his way home  (pavement/road repair can't remember now) 


Car wheel was sorted... sons shoes went in the bin along with his shirt and trousers from where he had tried to wipe the damn stuff off his hands as nothing would get it off.


If you had been my kids I'd have grounded you for at least a week... but then again I only ever buy margarine.     :lol:

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Just think of all the money we used to save years ago on cleaning products by using a bit of butter or a few lemons Where now we buy a different cleaning product for each type of task. One for lime and grime, one for the bathroom glass, one for the bathroom porcelain, one for the inside of the oven, one for the outside of the oven. Special ones for wood floors and another for carpets and rugs.


Still makes for a booming economy I suppose.

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