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Daten Bridge Club will be running lessons for absolute beginners. starting on September 24th at Culcheth Sports Club. 


Starting at 7.30 p.m.


There will be 20 weekly sessions. 


Cost is £3 per session.


First five sessions payable upfront


To express an interest email joseph.ridyard@gmail.com or ring 01925767187


Places strictly limited. First 20 cheques received will reserve a place.

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Maybe the link is a bad idea :cry:


It isn't an easy game (someone on Leigh Life asked if it was harder than snap!_).


It is really challenging but can be played at different levels. We have an excellent teacher who will guide you painlessly through the early stages.


Does need commitment though. Think learning chess. It would be difficult to describe at any level beyond how the pieces move. Bridge is similar -not too difficult to teach the basics and leads to lots of lovely social connections when you can play the game.

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Oops sorry, the first link wasn't a bad idea... I'm just a bit thick when it comes to playing games  (I can play snap though, maybe I should live in Leigh)  :oops:  :lol:   


Perhaps I should sign up from what your second link says. Infact quite a few others on here could benefit from it too...... running for cover now


It sounds quite good actually especially as the games seem short.  I always though a game of Bridge lasted hours.


What day will it be on each week and at what time ?

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