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knutsford road


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I may be goin over old ground here and if I am I apologise . when traveling down knutsford road from bridgefoot I came upon the newly formed wall on my left with the new railings being placed on top of the wall and this goes on until I reached the new entrance to Victoria park and it all looks very nice ,however from there on towards the blackbear bridge there is this tatty green railing fence that is wonky ,rusty old fence that just looks a mess . on the other side of this fence is the new path and landscaped area as though this is finished. surely not it just spoils all the new look wall ,it even has an united utilities logo strapped to the fence as though they are proud of this eyesore.


does anybody know if this is the finished fence ?


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The llatest update on these works are that it will be another 6 weeks before they finish due to manufacturing delays. THEN, the council are going to cause chaos for 4 weeks, reinstating the central reservation and a new crossing and bus stop


I also heard today that they are resurfacing Loushers Lane whilst the schools are on holiday. Even MORE chaos


Dizzy, is the work finished at the lights at the St Heath bridge?

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Ah the usual "kids are off lets dig up all the roads leading into/out of Warrington" time. Add to that the annual "music festival" and Warrington is cut off from the rest of the country yet again.


Wonder if it is a ploy by the council to get us to stay in the area and spend our money in local shops and increase their revenue from parking costs. (quick check out of the window for the black windowed vans with Willows Bakers & Confectioners on the side and those strange looking revolving "air "vents)

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