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Stating the obvious


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What a clever little chap.  I wonder what will happen when he gets to school age as he will be so far ahead of all the other kids in skills and knowledge.  I bet he will be bored stiff and think the teachers are thick  :lol:   

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No need for Wolfie to run and hide after the MENsa comment.  After all the link that Fugs put said that the 2 year old mensa tot........


  • Potty trained himself after reading a book about it
  • Has a reading age of at least a five-year-old and reads books aimed at seven-year-old
  • Is able to spell over 100 words (Lt K may struggle with that one)
  • Knows some of his times tables (2,3,4,5,10)
  • Can count to more than 1000 in English
  • Can add and subtract simple numbers
  • Can type words and numbers into a computer already, and has been able to for a while (again Lt mite struggle)
  • Can write some letters and numbers by hand and type words and numbers on a keyboard (ooh 'eck it's not looking good for the Lt)
  • He can recite his favourite nursery rhymes
  • Knows months of the year and days of the week, (we might all struggle on the days of the week one it's so boring quiet on here at the moment)
  • Knows dozens of pairs of words with opposite meanings (double meanings? well definitely an all round pass there)


I recon most of you male geniuses on here could actually manage to pass that with a bit of help and practice  :wink::)


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Alas can only lay claim to being a near genius, apparently there is one living a few streets away. :roll:


Looking down your list I can relate to a few of the items on it.


I too have a reading age of five years old and regularly aim books at seven year olds, usually miss though.

I also know years, too many passed to remember them all though. know weeks as well worked with him for many years and his brother, electricians at Daresbury lab.

I also know all the days of the week, including the four that begin with the letter T.


I really could have been a member of mensa but failed the physical. :cry:  :cry:  :cry::mrgreen:

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