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Parking paranoia?


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The wardens are ticketing anyone who offends however minor.


I have known.disabled drivers ticketed because the badge is displayed wrong way round or the clock set slightly wrong,


I received a ticket a few years ago, parked near what was TG Hughes to pick up a TV, left a nice note explaining why I parked on double yelows, came out ten minutes later and there it was a parking ticket, yet it was near 5pm and the street was empty.

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I laughed when I read this last night in the July Issue of Stockton Heath's 'Village Life Magazine'.  (I hope Gary doesn't mind that I've just screen dumped it from the online version of his mag). 


Seems the council are saying they all have to be paid :roll:   I blummin' wouldn't pay them all that's for sure !



Click to enlarge.........



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