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If It Ain't Broke-- Break It!: And Other Unconventional

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It always takes me a year or more to finish a book but this one is good and I dip in from time to time for some more tips and creative ideas from Robert Kreigel :D .


Here is a USA view for now:

Fantastic, fresh and enthusiastic ways to do things, June 10, 1998

Reviewer: andersong@rcbhsc.wvu.edu from United States

I was made to read this book while in business school. It was probably one a the few books that I was made to read that I actually received some very useful information. I have bought this for fellow business people and they also feel the same way I do. This is a must read for anyone creative person. If you have a boss that continuously "firehoses" your ideas, check this book out and it will put YOU into perspective

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