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waste clearance management woolston skip hire asbestosis


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my father worked for waste clearance management at new cut lane woolston  on the skips

he now has asbestosis through this work and is struggling to find anyone who worked there to ask who their insurance was

it was a large firm had over 30 lorries and office staff who presumably are well retired dad himself is in his eighties


his employment was   1967 to 1981


it was sold out to DHL  then Biffa Waste  then waste management uk


we have been told that no body kept any records which we find difficult to believe that they were not handed over when the


company changed hands  I  would be grateful of any ideas


does anybody know anyone who worked at waste clearance who could possibly help we are drawing blanks at every avenue

of enquiry


regards mrs E Harrison

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As far as I know, it would depend on how the company changed hands.... if waste clearance management was bought out as a going concern; the people buying the company would still be liable for the debts or any other liabilities etc. (or so I understand) if the company was insolvent when it was bought then the new owners are more than likely not liable as they only buy the name and contacts/assets etc. and can't be expected to be held to account for incidents in the past.


As far as records are concerned; again I would imagine that if waste clearance management were insolvent or any of the subsequent owners (DHL, Biffa Waste then waste management UK) were bought out after being insolvent then I would imagine the buyer of the insolvent company does not need to keep the records, and even if they did, there would be a time limit for how long they had to keep them; and as you are talking about something that happened in the 60's/70's those records would be long since destroyed. I know as company we have to keep accounts records for only 6 years and proof of liability insurance for 10 years.


When the National Coal Board (NCB) was wound up, many ex miners suffered from various lung diseases many many years afterwards and were awarded compensation from the government as a result. Now whether that was because the NCB was a nationalised industry I don't know, but I would imagine that because waste clearance management has not traded for over 20 years or more, there would be no records at all as back then, computers and scanning etc. just didn't exist and there would have been no legal requirement to store paper records for more than 10 years at a maximum anyway



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