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Church Place


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Hi Everyone

Can you help please with a puzzle?


Does anyone know where Church Place was situated?  I have an ancestor on the 1841 Census living on this street, they were still there in 1850 when they passed away.

It looks like it was part of Church Street, or was it Church Street itself as there are several pages of residents on the Census and I noticed that the Rectory was at the beginning.  I have an OS map for 1905 and there is no Church Place shown on it.

Thanks for any help you guys can offer.

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Thank you so much for solving the mystery Algy.  Now another question someone might be able to solve......I have 3 cousins on the 1841 Census that are seemingly at school in Great Budworth even though they all lived in Warrington, I am assuming that this was some kind of boarding school as why would they be there on a Sunday night when the Census was taken?

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Welcome to the forum suestandish :)


I don't know if you are aware but in 1841 Great Budworth and Warrington bordered each  roughly where the bend of the old River Mersey was (roughly along the line from Walton Locks and along Greenalls Avenue (near to where Morrisons is) then across to where Greenalls G&J Distillery was before it burnt down.  All that and a lot of Stockton Heath were in the Township of Appleton in the Parish of Great Budworth


Does the census have a street name on the school record (if not try the previous/next pages and also the enumerators instructions on which route to follow as you could pinpoint roughly where it was).  That would possibly make it easier to find info about the 'school'. 


It could have been a 'church' type school for children from less well off families to learn to read write etc who didn't attend normal schools as I seem to recall that they tended to teach on a Sunday.  

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There was a private boarding school at Budworth - may still be there, I know that it was in 1956.   I know that because I had a friend who went there, he helped us move at that date and wore is uniform, green and gold I think.   I can't place it exactly, but you paseed it if you went via Budworth to Pickmere.  Big gates, long driveway through pasture to large house similar to Walton Hall.   Bet Algy can turn it up. 

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