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Food labelling ?


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Seems a traffic light system is finally to be adopted for food labelling; to help us avoid the junk; but only 60% of the industry will be taking it on. Will you boycott non TL-labelled food, will you be buying British or will you carry on buying the cheapest?

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I've not actually seem or read anything about the new system.... but a lot of food stuffs already have coloured coding on them showing the fat/saturates/salt/etc content and have done for a long time.  Red is for high blah blah blah.


Is the new system just a broader roll out of that then ?  I suppose I could have googled but too sleepy ..........


In answer to the questions though


'Will I boycott non TL-labelled food' ..... No


'Will you be buying British' ..... I try to most of the time (but don't always) so new labelling probably wont much difference


'Will you carry on buying the cheapest' ... depends what it is and how it tastes :wink:

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