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Stockton Heath Arts Festival till 22nd June

Geoffrey Settle

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This year's entries have gone in today for the annual Stockton Heath Festival Art Exhibition at Grappenhall Independent Methodist Church Hall. 


This exhibition is an opportunity for local amateur artists to show their work. This could be paintings, sculpture, embroidery, etc (not photography).


The exhibition will run from Thursday 20th June until Saturday 22nd June.  Opening times are as follows:


Thursday 10:00am to 4:00pm

Friday 10:00am to 8:00pm

Saturday 10:00am to 4:00pm


There will be a prize for the best exhibit and the runner up and there will also be a prize for the favourite chosen by public ballot.


I've dropped off my two entries this morning has anyone else entered?

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Wow they are really good Geoff.  How long did those take you to do ?  


I've not entered anything as my paintings would resemble something a pre-school kid had done.


I entered the festivals wildlife photo comp last year and there were some superb entries (hence I didn't win anything with my offerings).  I've not entered it this year as I thought there wasn't one as I couldn't see it on their website.  Turns out there is though and the category is Pets.    Damn !!


Here's hoping the sun shines for the 4 day festival and I'll probably be spending 2 days on Mill Lane playing field again keeping my dad away from the burger vans and hog roasts  :lol:

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Hi Dizzy - they probably took and 5 or 6 hours each at least - the ambleside one came out well largely because of the photograph I took it had a lot of perspective and depth and building are something that I've always like drawing, plus I was able to incorporate techniques that Sue Cartwright has taught me during the year.


If you like these then there are a lot more and better ones at the exhibition. There is a good variety as well this year and about 150 entries. If you don't like these then there is a good variety of different styles.


Looks like you've got a lot on your dads plate to look after - if you can't keep him in line just eat his food :mrgreen:

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Stockton Heath Festival looks very good, and nice to see the local traders have taken part in a scarecrow competition.


This excellent one by the police has been commented on by quite a few (ignoring the notices pinned to it) One or two passers by have said is this what the "Savile police" look like?

Now then, now then, now then.

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What notices were pinned to it MiddleC... I'm a little intrigued now. :lol:


Like you say it's great to see so many local businesses taking part with the scarecrows every year.  I've not walked through the village this week so I must remember to have a look at all the scarecrows tomorrow.


The Priestly College Performing Arts students were really good tonight in the marque on Mill Lane field... and the other theatre/singy group that were on ended the night with songs from Les Mis which are now going round and round in my head :)


Geoff S...... I've not managed to get to the art one yet but I hope yours do well and as for the burgers and my dad, well I think I'll just leave him to it as after all he is supposed to be a grown up who knows the 'all things in moderation' saying.   I guess it's just once a year though   :lol:

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I should have said a few commented on the scarecrows head! I think it's the hair that's a reminder of someone!

The notices pinned to this one (it deserves a vote, they are all good but this one excels)  refers to community policing and the name this figure is meant to represent. I have always been away when the festival has been on in previous years, so this is the first time I have seen it. It's very good. The Managers Big Band from Bolton on Thursday night in the marquee were excellent. I just hope the weather stays reasonably kind for the remaining two days.

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