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I Wish I Was A Glow Worm!


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Algy, is this your own composition?

And if so, how come you are allowed to use the word "bum" when I was banned from WW forum for using a similar word?

Only joking.


No! RC not my own composition, and as much as I have grown to like you I don't appreciate kisses frrom you. :lol: 

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:lol:  :lol:  :lol: The thought Algy's earlier mention of him wearing a long mac tomorrow with his camera in hand on another topic has suddenly made me giggle even more after that reply Lt :lol:    Sorry Algy .... honest :oops:


I did find to try a funny kissy video to upload but they were all a bit too errrm... well naughty words :wink:

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Oooh now there's a point, maybe you just give that impression because of your avatar.......... or of course it could be because of your awkward and slightly grumpy tendencies  (actually grumpy is not the right word, maybe 'odd' is better)  so you must be a man fella   :lol:     

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Continuing loosely on topic------- glo - glow - shining - shiny - polish - Brasso


Some say my dad worked in a coalmine

Some say my dad worked down a pit

But I know where my daddy did work

In the place where they keep all the sh---
---Shine your buttons with Brasso

It's only threeha'pence a tin

You can buy it or nick it from Woolworths

But I doubt if they've got any in.



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