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The New Government Symbol

Lt Kije

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The Government have unveiled their new symbol



A condom allows for inflation,

halts production,

destroys the next generation,

protects a bunch of dicks,

and gives you a sense of security

while you're actually being screwed !



Damn, it just doesn't get

more accurate than that !

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Here we go again ........


RC when on earth were you 'banned' for using the word 'Sh?t' .  If you HAD ever been banned your wouldn't be able to post on here on here or view the site for goodness sake.  Just like your other topic was NOT deleted (when you said it had been)


Any 'DIZZY' (me) did not say it... Lt K did.... but for goodness sake anyone can see it was just a light hearted joke and wouldn't have made sense without that bit.


At this rate I might start swearing at you one day RC ... Get a grip man, lighten up and stop being paranoid :P  :lol:  :wink:

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