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Fish/Chips anyone ?


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Just saying ...  I live in Connecticut, a barbaric land that boasts NO fish and chip shops. The local version with the same name

leaves everything to be desired.  Needless to say whenever I visit Warrington and the relatives, I make up for this gap in my diet.

Nothing constructive in this post, just saying.

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Heck Royce, I know just how you feel! I could kill for a plate of chippy fish and chips with mushy peas but can't get any here. Can get fish of one sort or another but mainly with bones in and chips are not uncommon ( though here they are called fried potatas and crisps are called chipsys) but no mushy peas. I have thought of booking  a flight to uk just to buy some from a chippy.

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We can get tins of mushy peas from import shops, Chips here are called "french fries" and are nothing like the real thing. You can bet that evry trip back home calls for several visits to the "chippy".  Crisps here are called 'chips' also.

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