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Paddington Meadows - Longhorn cattle

Geoffrey Settle

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If you've not been there before and if you have you'll want to go back today to meet farm animals the Cheshire Wildlife Longhorn Cattle and Hebridean Sheep at Paddington Meadows on Sunday 12th May  from 10am :mrgreen: .

A herd of 25 Longhorn cattle and a flock of Hebridean sheep will be grazing at the conservation site, with families able to meet them from 10am.

It aims to promote the role of sheep and cows as natural ‘lawnmowers’. Guests can also take part in a training session on how to manage grazing livestock.

Anyone interested in volunteering for the trust can e-mail Joe Pimblett at jpimblett@cheshirewt.org.uk.

As local path warden I think that this is a great idea and use of the land. 



When you finished there take the paths alongside the River Mersey and head east to the New Cut Heritage Trail that a new group in Woolston are promoting - sponsored by the Woolston Parsih Council and supported by the Poukton with Fearnhead Parish Council.



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Hope locals keep dogs on leads when walking the paths where the cattle are grazing - if upset or feeling threatened by dogs  cattle, and sheep, can stampede and fatally trample dog walkers - as happened in another part of the country last week. The Long Horn variety of cattle is a rare breed and those long horns can do a lot of damage if someone decides to try and get too friendly. Which poses an interesting question "Who carries the insurance for an injury claim - Cheshire Landscaper Trust or Warrington Borough Council ?? - over to you Geoff !!  

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