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Here's one for the forum detectives....


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Reading the letters segment on the other site, I came across a letter refering to what was supposed to be the first burial in the oldest part of the cemetry in Mancheter Road.

Apparently a worker at the cemetry said it is an unmarked grave of a young girl killed while working at Armitage & Rigby cotton mill 150 yrs ago.

Should be an interesting investigation, history wise.

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I found a leaflet published by WBC http://www.warrington.gov.uk/info/200745/deaths/88/cemeteries/5 (click on download the information leaflet) which says



"In the Roman Catholic section A of the Cemetery the grave
number 298 lies the body of little Catherine Allen aged 2 years. Catherine,
of Cockhedge Warrington has the rather tragic honour of being the first
person laid to rest in Warrington Cemetery on the 26th March 1857."
I'll carry on digging to see if I can come up with anything about the girl killed in the mill. 
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Can't find anything about a fatal accident at the Mill in 1857, though just because I can't find something doesn't mean it never happened! I've read the letter you refer to and now wonder whether the fact that the girl lived at Cockhedge led to a mix up in the mind of the cemetery worker?

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 I can't see management allowing mothers to take babies into work with them even in that day and age.


I've found a number of references to a  fire at another mill, Over Cotton Mill  in Cheshire,  in 1874, where amongst the dead were a 34 year old woman and her three month old baby.





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