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:lol:  :lol: Good one Baz.
PS Lt don't your smilies work if you just type the code ie a : followed by a ) should give a :)


..... and check that the box top left of the edit/post window (above the 'B'old button) is not pressed as that disables many of the functions.


Anyway... back to Baz's pic.  Sorry Baz :oops:

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:lol:    Ah maybe you should just use that when you feel the urge to smile or joke in future just to make it clearha ha   :wink:


I don't even bother trying to post with my mobile unless it's an emergency as it's a right pain in the 'thingy'  :lol:


I'd best go now  as I'm sneakily using my sons laptop and if he finds out my car might finish up with as many dents as the one in Baz's pic 8)

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