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soapy observations

Evil Sid

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As Mrs Sid is a keen watcher of the soap operas, I sometimes have to endure whole minutes of them (as you can see I am not a fan). During the brief moments that I do have to watch I have notice a few things that make me wonder.


1) Neighbours. A.Why is it that there is only one doctor in the whole of Australia and he lives in the street, is a GP and expert on all medical conditions.

                         B. all the houses seem to use tardis technology. no matter how many people there are in the family they can all live in one small house.

                         C. Travelling appears to be by car but really they use star trek transporter technology as somebody can be at the hospital one second and at home having a cup of tea the next with barely a blink.

                         D. as the aha song says the sun always shines on TV. it never seems to be bad weather no matter what time of year.


2) Eastenders. A. are they all vampires? because every time I have caught a glimpse of this one it seems to be night time. Nothing ever seems to take place during the day when the sun is out (or the rain for that matter).

                        B. Despte having market stall and shops nobody seem to cook breakfast there. they all seem to congregate around the cafe for that meal and various others even if they are short of money, also they never seem to pay for anything they buy from there either.


There are many other anomalies with the other soaps such as the vets in Emmerdale who never seem to treat any animals at all but still manage to make a living at it. People in all soaps who never seem to do a days work but can still afford a car and a few pints in the pub. (ok so that one is not so much an anomaly but they don't seem to go down the job centre to sign on either)


so peeps any body else want to share their observations on the soaps. please feel free.

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I only watch Corrie so can't comment on the others, but these are Corrie truths:


Characters can live either in Coronation Street or London. There are no half measures, no-one can just live 2 streets away, it's either in each other's pockets or never speak again.

A few shifts in the pub/shop/cab office pays enough to rent a flat, decorate throughout within seconds of moving in, have breakfast in Roys and lunch in the Rovers every day, take cabs everywhere and eat out at the Bistro at least once a week. 

There is a magical 'elsewhere' that children can go to at the drop of a hat whenever a night out/holiday/new job is mentioned

Characters have the memories of goldfish. Tina has forgotten that Gary menaced her Dad to the point of suicide and now seems to think he's quite a sweet chap that she likes after all.


Doesn't stop me watching 3 times a week though  :P

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What amazes me in Corrie is how many people live and sleep in Ken and Deidre's place, do they sleep head to toe,any stray person comes in they just through in another bedroom, and I could never figure out is the Gents in the Rovers in Ken's living room? Another place that seems Tardis like is Maria's, at times there seems to be half a dozen sleeping there.

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On those rare occasions when I don't automatically fall asleep to the Corrie Tune; I have had similar observations as Jean and Tracy B - All the older properties are presumably two up, two down, terraced; which implies max two couples living in them. Now if there are more, and they suffer statutory overcrowding; perhaps a spin off prog about their bedroom antics could boost ratings?!

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I do remember that Tracey Barlow went upstairs as a sweet young girl and came downstairs several years later as an insufferable teenager.


Also agree about the way characters go to the cafe for a cuppa and then go home for a well deserved......................cuppa!

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