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How does one get to and from the Trafford centre

harry hayes

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I always reconned you were really a posh bugger Baz underneath that rough exterior  :lol:


Harry like Algy says there is a bus from Warrington but check out the time it takes first. 


Only saying that as my son went by bus once and it took well over 2 hours and I seem to remember my aunt and uncle saying the same a year or so as it seemed to stop at every bus stop along the wag.  I'm sure it's better now though.


Saying that with this temp old  pc that I've finally got working (so I can at least post on here) I could probably go to trafford and back while it's all loading up and thinking about it so I might come with you on the bus for something to do. 


What time are we going :):lol:

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Yeah Bewsey boys are definatley trouble and somewhat unpredictable Baz  :lol: 


Roughly how long does that journey take Kevo as I might try it.  I've driven there twice but always get lost in both directions (yeah I know before anyone says it  :P  ) so I'm afraid I can't give you a lift Harry as Baz suggests


PS Peter... I'm not fully back and my pc is still broken and in bits so I might be gone again in a flash if this temporarly one dies a death too.  It's not been switched on for well over 8 years and is being powered by angel dust.  Once I switch it off I have to start all over removing and installing things so I can get back on as like me it refuses to behave and remember what it's been told to do ha ha :lol:


Is there still an Apple store at the trafford centre :wink:

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