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The Old Market Place.


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A few photos showing how the area where Golden Square now stands and used to be the 'hub' of Warringtons trading area 'The Old Market Place'.


Map of the area around 1850.



An artists impression of the Market late 18th to early 19th century.



1. A 1903 postcard of the Barley Mow.


2. The Market Square lamp, the Barley Mow is the building far right.



3. The Old Manor Court Room in the process of being demolished, the stone pillars were from the Friary.



4. A romantic artists view of Cheapside (By George Sheffield 1839-1892).



And how it really was!. The building at the far end of Cheapside would have been the Old Town Hall.




















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When did the "old" market spring up at the back of the Barley Mow & the "very old" market become the fish market Algy ?

The original market started in 1255 but was more of a fair selling a wide variety of goods from the back of horse carts and trestles, then in 1277 King Edward gave the town permission to hold a Friday market and eight day fair in November. On the 3rd of March 1367 an application was made to the Black Prince to hold two fairs in the village of Latchford. Back in those days there wasn't just one fair in Warrington there was the Horse Market, Butter Market, Cattle Market, Pig Market and the open market in Church street.

In1592 the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. the town had one weekly market and two yearly fairs that opened when the market bell rang.

The first covered market was opened around 1852 and consisted of a Meat Market, Fish Market, Potato Market and General Market all in the area where the Golden Square shopping complex is now.

1873 the General Market moved to an open area behind the Barley Mow with the new cast iron framed purpose built Fish Market erected on the site of the old market.


Most of the above information came from this site, well worth visiting:         http://www.mywarrington.me.uk/market.htm

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