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Its a longtime since i've posted anything as been watching Altrincham home and away. Introducing youth is fantastic but i hope its not on the back of a huge budget cut like last year when Reid joined. All that leads to is starting again, no continuity and players won't come in the summer if they think the club pulls it at the first opportunity, granted non league football budgets are fickle (Alty are solely surviving now on the FA Cup money) but money talks at this level.


Really pleased for the youth players though and it shows the youth team being started and the reserve being scrapped as the right decision. I take it the decision and idea's came from the DOF


Before you lambast me for Altrincham i played there for a few seasons.

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I could agree more, thought all three young lads contributed well, especially Chris Bandell on his debut, a few good crosses from Dylan Glass, who could have scored too. We need to keep these lads at the club once they have become too old for the youth team. I see one of last years youth graduates, Scott Bakkor scored for Clitheroe yesterday

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Welcome to the Forum, Director of Football.


Knowledge 71.


I was under the impression that the players walked with Joey when Shaun arrived, could be wrong. But don't managers at all levels bring in the players that they think can do the best job for the club?

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