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Ichi The Killer


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Ichi the Killer is a Japanese film directed by Takashi Miike. It is based on the manga comic of the same name.


'An ultra dark, deeply unsettling, extreme psychological thriller. It is probably the most arresting and controversial movie of the last decade'.


Has anyone seen this film or 'Audition' which is a film by the same director. If so I may need you. I am writing a dissertation on this subject.

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Well, since it is Halloween and I did confess to seeing Three Extremes (Hong Kong, Korean, and Japanese horror flicks) I'll put in a word for SAW II. Actually a warning. It's terribly sickening. And it was the #1 grossing movie of the weekend here.


Not only is the subject matter - holding people prisoners and torturing them -- unpleasant -- the director follows that chic new method of cutting the film into 3 second strips, and then splicing them. Evidently his contract calls for payment by the 3 second splice and not for any sustained camera shot.


And just this week an obscure Alfred Hitchcock film called ROPE was used, in which the camera never leaves the story -- it's like a stage play filmed in one take -- and it was macabre.

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I am quite stumped now.

The only coach driver I can think of was the one who drove a shed load of people from warrington to leeds back in 2004.



Ozzfest 2001? I got a coach then, but I ended up vomiting on it on the way back and didnt tell the driver :D no-one noticed either, the perfect crime!

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