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Found 1 result

  1. Well it's been chaos all week with horses running wild up and down Delph Lane. They escaped or where let out from the Field containing the small lake by the side of the M6 and made off to the firlds behind the Mill House Pub and on Saturday morning they popped into the Plough Pub car park. Now this might seem funny a pub crawl on the Hoof but these horses have been let out of the Houghton Green Pool SINC field that they were grazing in and let lose. They were terrified as they traffic came towards them and past them. I don't know what the driver thought but a couple of them certainly didn't help. Fortunately Houghton Green is a place where there are a number of people who know about our four legged friends and they helped the police rescue the situation. What do you think about fly grazing because I'm fairly sure that the naimals here were originally the same ones in Latchford that were reported earlier in the year PLUS three brand new Foals born by the lakeside. Follow this link for more info and photos https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/media/set/?set=a.365493440219704.1073741852.282937758475273&type=1
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