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  1. I would suggest that wherever they moved it to the majority wouldn't know it had been moved.
  2. Robbo

    Mobile mania

    Welcome back Wolfie
  3. Robbo


    Did hear that Liverpool will sell him and Alexis Sanchez from Barcelona has already agreed a deal to replace him.
  4. And Iran all play in an amateur league Sid.
  5. Robbo


    Time for Liverpool to get shut or what? The man is a liability.
  6. Costa Rica 0-0 England. Well that was riveting - not. And Suarez up to his old tricks again in the Italy - Uruguay match.
  7. The final insult has come from the manager of Costa Rica who today (Tuesday) intends to try his 'fringe' players against the weakest side in the group. :mad:
  8. Well the miracle didn't happen, so it's beat Costa Rica or go home totally humiliated.
  9. I see that he is now being slated for suggesting that a certain foul was a good one.
  10. Well that was a short World Cup. No idea why Sterling was taken off, if anyone should have been replaced it was Gerrard, who played as if he had lead in his boots and who's mistakes were directly responsible for Uruguay's 2 goals. It caps a bad year for Gerrard. The only World class players were Suarez and Cavani, Rooney tried hard but not good enough. Lallana looked ok for the time he was on. Waiting for a miracle now.
  11. Spain are blaming their loss last night on the weather. Apparently it was 2 Chile.
  12. As Eric Morecambe once said about his piano playing, I got the teams right but not necessarily in the right order.
  13. Bugger, changed at the last minute. Arsenal v Crystal Palace Burnley v Chelsea Leicester City v Everton Liverpool v Southampton Manchester United v Swansea City Newcastle United v Manchester City Queens Park Rangers v Hull City Stoke City v Aston Villa West Bromwich Albion v Sunderland West Ham United v Tottenham Hotspur
  14. Surprised it got there at all.
  15. The new fixtures come out at 9am tomorrow (Wednesday) Here's my predictions for the opening day Aston Villa v Man United Chelsea v Everton Liverpool v Arsenal Tottenham v Leicester. Man City v Southampton
  16. Totally agree, it was like a commentary on a funeral. The only good point was I understood what he said which is nigh impossible listening to Jamie Carragher. Why don't they pick people experienced in commentary rather than ex footballers.
  17. That's because there's a sign on the bridge saying 'Please give cyclists space'
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