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  1. Surprised the Tories are crowing so much about 100 business leaders advising people to vote Tory, it seems to be the equivalent of 100 trade union leaders advising people to vote Labour.
  2. Yet, Council Tax is going up, water bills, prescription charges, dentist charges, postage stamps, vehicle excise duty and Sky TV. Are none of these included in the CPI measurements?
  3. Not sure that any of the schools match those of the Southport area.
  4. Why are you moving to Warrington? I can think of better places.
  5. Apparently so, but it's bit sad to see that title and the first thing that comes to mind is spanners though.
  6. I thought this was a thread about spanners when I read the title.
  7. The only conclusion is to put the bench in their own back garden, where they can enjoy it, and less chance of being vandalised.
  8. Well if he's not happy, he must be grumpy.
  9. It would be legs breaking news if she said yes and hubby found out.
  10. He must be trying to wind you up, He cannot be serious.
  11. Robbo

    A.I. ?

    Wasn't it his computer that came out with that statement?
  12. wasn't that announced last September? and the discussion about the bridges goes back 3 years.
  13. Happy belated birthday Lt
  14. Doesn't seem 4 days since you were 50 Happy Belated birthday
  15. So Alex Salmond was right after all, Scotland CAN still use the pound after Sep 18th.
  16. Belated Happy Birthday Diz.
  17. I can only follow that with a Happy Birthday Asp.
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