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  1. By law Councils are only obliged to empty Blue bins and Black bins as part of the Council Tax. There is no obligation to provide or empty green bins. As far as I am aware HBC have to make savings of £19m for 2015-16 ordered by the government, so yes it is the governments fault.
  2. I think its insinuating that stallard is a fruit cake or as nutty as one. could be wrong.
  3. I think my likes per post wins there Baz, but if likes were handed out for abuse I admit PJ would be streets ahead.
  4. Seeing that I got 4 likes for that post Baz it seems that some think it was constructive, after all, the alternative is PJ just banging on as he usually does until he starts ridiculing and name calling. As for getting out more, it's a bit rich coming from you who spends half his life on here along with PJ who repeatedly calls this a dead end forum and yet is never off it
  5. I think Asp and Obs have a point.
  6. If the video was the only evidence it would be laughed out of court because the 'abused' certainly seemed to enjoy it at the time.
  7. The Polish government and President fled to Rumania, and without a government, Poland as a state ceased to exist under international law.
  8. If you follow the link I posted it will show that Poland did not exist, it had no government and was not recognised internationally 'The Secret Protocol to the M-R Pact was no longer valid, in that it was about spheres of influence in "Poland", a state. By September 15 at the latest Germany had taken the position that Poland no longer existed as a state. Once Poland ceased to exist as a state this Secret Protocol did not apply any longer. Therefore if they wanted to the Germans could march right up to the Soviet frontier.
  9. Robbo

    Mr Smiths

    Right but why is Dizzy laughing?
  10. Still a myth https://msuweb.montclair.edu/~furrg/research/mlg09/did_ussr_invade_poland.html
  11. The so called Russian invasion was a myth.
  12. Robbo

    Mr Smiths

    3 arrested including 15 year old girl apparently.
  13. My next door neighbour is 93 and still driving. According to him he's never had a problem with car insurance, changes companies most years, at the moment he is with LV but thinking of changing to AXA. Not sure about hire cars though.
  14. Probably not, I would suggest that it's either a scam to get your email address, malware or it could even be your ISP monitoring your traffic, but I am guessing.
  15. You've eliminated journeys to the Trafford Centre or Cheshire Oaks but forgot about the traffic from surrounding towns who will now be heading for Warrington rather than Cheshire Oaks and the Trafford Centre.
  16. More traffic jams, think I'll wait for the pirate dvd.
  17. The application to the Secretary of State to impose tolls on both the new and old bridges at Widnes has already been sent in. Any objections have to be sent to him by 14th May, just 1 week after the election, so which secretary of state you send it to may only be known a few days before the deadline.
  18. seems the fans let us down also with a flare being thrown on the pitch and fans being arrested at Widnes station for assaulting one of the locals.
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