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  1. This crane on new mersey gateway bridge is only at half of its intended height of 146 metres. In the background is the Parish Church.
  2. 240 probably because, f++k, a+se and bo++ocks didn't come up.
  3. thought it was £1m?
  4. Gary wont like this but:- http://www.warringtonguardian.co.uk/news/13356339.Plane__helicopter_or___spaceship__South_Warrington_plagued_by_mystery_humming_sound/?ref=rss
  5. Like I say, keep dreaming. Our government will go for the most expensive option, even if its the most inconvenient.
  6. Keep dreaming because its not going to happen.
  7. In 2014 A man who was let go at the end of a temporary job was ordered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to work for the same firm for six months without pay or lose his benefits.
  8. Seems that a new generation of Welfare cheats has sprung up, only this time it's big business, who, it seems are taking on Universal Credit claimants and offering a months work without pay as a trial, only to claim at the end of the month that they are unsuitable and can they send another claimant for a months trial also without pay. Companies run by Sebb Blatter clones it seems. Bring on the revolution.
  9. Sorry, but this week, I'm avoiding cliché's like the plague!
  10. Apparently Asp 'The trestle bridge is a live and busy construction site used daily by heavy construction vehicles and sophisticated equipment ' http://www.merseygateway.co.uk/2015/05/haltons-first-bridge-over-the-mersey-for-54-years-completed-as-part-of-mersey-gateway-project/ Strong enough for 3 hgv's it seems
  11. Close up of a Coffer dam
  12. From the Mersey gateway Construction forum on facebook alg I believe (just browsing). Seems that it's the first bridge to be built to cross the Mersey in over 50 years. Strong enough for HGV's but only temporary in that it will eventually be knocked down.
  13. No doubt some expert on here will correct me, but I'm sure I read somewhere that when the EU referendum takes place if 45m English vote to come out along with 5m Scots and 2m Irish (Northern), it still wont happen if the majority of Welsh vote to stay in. If so what's the point?
  14. Elton John has just decide that his husband is to be called 'his wife' and is also to be known as the 'mother' to his adopted kid.
  15. This is an overhead from 2 weeks ago before they filled in the middle bit.
  16. New bridge has only been completed 1 week and already a traffic jam
  17. Not only the 'rich' people Diz but the ''drug dealers' living in their mansions.
  18. Neither can I, because not only do you agree with poor people subsidising the better off, but you actually believe that everyone in a council house is a druggie.
  19. Well Baz its plain to see that you object to some of your money subsidising the less well of (not what you call them) in council houses and yet you're in favour of the poor subsidising the collection of green waste rather than charge those who use it. Toryism is alive and well.
  20. my point is why do you support one and not the other?
  21. Of course it could be said that up to now, all the poor people without gardens have been subsidising those with gardens.
  22. Not sure any councils run a fortnightly service, most if not all still provide a weekly service albeit a black bin one week and a blue bin the next. I would think that most councils are under pressure in managing budgets, particularly if they are trying to avoid compulsory redundancies. But I agree about councils not being fit for purpose, the problem is that we have governments not fit for purpose expecting councils not fit for purpose to balance their books.
  23. For fear of repeating myself, Councils are not obliged to provide householders free collection of their garden waste although they do have a duty to dispose of household waste free of charge. The law gives Councils the discretion to make a reasonable charge for the collection of household garden waste in the same way that charges can be made for bulky waste collection. As for hitting the poorest, I would have thought the really poor may well live in terraced housing with backyards not lawns and as such wont be affected. In this case you are correct its a labour council but charges for
  24. As a businessman Baz, you should know more than most that there is no such thing as a free service, unless the bin men did the collections without pay and the lorries run on fresh air. The collection of garden waste had to be paid for and that came out of the Council tax. If that money is no longer there then either the service stops or a charge is put on it, so there isn't a difference. It's not rocket science.
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