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    Boom Boom ?

    Out of 354 English Local Authorities, Halton is ranked the 30th most deprived area behind both Liverpool and Knowsley in this area. Warrington is a much bigger authority and on average is less deprived, although certain areas within the authority are very deprived I believe that Sure Start is funded from the European Development Fund; and Heritage Lottery Fund;
  2. The names fairly accurate
  3. Baz, using a false IP is the easiest thing in the world, nearly
  4. Seems to be another U turn by the government.
  5. Surely you don't think it will be management jobs that will go.
  6. It may well be that manual labourers live longer but that doesn't mean they are still capable of carrying out a manual job at 70 as well as they did at 50. I think you need to take the blue specs off.
  7. Where did you get those figures from Eagle? According to the website of the company who produce and publish the viewing figures the USA match only had 12.34m. http://www.barb.co.uk/report/weeklyTopProgrammesOverview/? and the Slovenia match hasn't officially been published yet.
  8. The Tories have consistently refused to consider any form of PR. Could this be the first Tory U turn?
  9. I had no idea you were blind.
  10. Isn't that what election literature is for?
  11. What a bloody stupid poll - both are equally as important - so sorry I can't vote! So if the question had been what is more important to a football supporter - winning the Champions League or winning the Carling Cup you would have said they are equally important.
  12. Not aware there are any Mancs on this forum. Quite a few Warringtonian United supporters but maybe those United supporters can clarify.
  13. I would have thought as I sit here shivering that Global warming would have been on the list.
  14. So it was 3000 Police that pushed there way in Not sure if Police cracking down on illegal dog breeding would have made much difference, it takes that long to prove that the dogs being bred are of the illegal type and these people just move the dogs to relatives. Have to agree with Davyg the sight of all those Everton shirts, coffin and hearse at the funeral would have been a joke if it wasn't so sad.
  15. Because no one disagreed aboout the points regarding tax in general and wanting to know how it was spent. The issue of concern was Tilly saying that she would prefer to 'opt out' of the NHS.
  16. Robbo

    Chewing gum

    It is a problem. but don't forget that it was you who brought up the bit about dental health and digestion. Personally I think it's the chewing gum stuck to used condoms that is the biggest problem
  17. Rafa has got exactly what he wanted and along with the other 22 Spaniards on the Anfield staff now has total control of LFC. Fail to win the Premiership next year and the buck must stop with him.
  18. Spot on trojan. Can't believe the selfishness of some people who don't want to pay into a system that is for the benefit of all, but primarily benefits the poor, the young and the old. The alternative would be an American type healthcare system that caters for the rich and employed only and is the most expensive and the most inadequate system in the developed world.
  19. Have they comparedit to those who play snooker
  20. After 3 days in Liverpool he probably couldn't wait to get out
  21. was as usual biased and an insult to Baz J, Dismayed, Eagle, Paul Kennedy, Legion, observer, bill, and Pedro who had also failed to spot the original thread. C'mon wolfie, if you had to side with either someone who slags scousers off or someone who calls him a rock god how would you react?
  22. Robbo

    Andy Murray

    Apparantly, in the sport of tennis and to those who know him he is regarded as arrogant, petulant and a bit of a spoilt brat who spits his dummy out when annoyed or when things go wrong.
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