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  1. Personally I couldn't care less if Wire are dire or not. As for being the greatest game well that's open to debate. The game itself is superb, the management is crap. The game has gone from 1 up 1 down to 2 up 2 down, from 1 league to god knows how many, to a team in London that's changed its name too many times to mention, and now we have the Super 8's where Leigh who I believe haven't lost a game and who should get automatic promotion, having to battle it out with the likes of Wakefield, Widnes and Salford who suddenly start buying players simply to compete in the play offs.
  2. Will Man City have any competition this season??
  3. Well my first point is that it doesn't need me to ridicule the sport because it's doing a grand job by itself. Secondly, when I posted I wasn't even aware of the official attendance, I merely said that it looked to me like a half empty stadium. I am still surprised at the official attendance because the middle and top tiers seemed to have loads of empty seats. But Gary is right the constant tinkering is a joke.
  4. Summed it up quite nicely there Stallard. Actually without Dizzy the forum would fall apart.
  5. Robbo


    go to control panel, Programs and Features, View installed updates, then find and uninstall the update called KB3035583.
  6. Robbo


    I quite like Win 10 and no problems. Sid, if you have Avast installed try uninstalling. Or try this :- 1. Right Click on Start Menu> Click Command Prompt(Admin) 2. select Run as Administrator. 3.Now Type PowerShell In Cmd 4. Now paste the Below and then press Enter key: Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”} 5.Wait for PowerShell to execute and complete the command. Ignore the few errors (in red color) that may pop up. 6. When it finishes, try hitting Start and hopefully it’ll start worki
  7. One of the most boring , one sided cup finals ever in front of what looked like a half empty stadium. Rugby League is booming !!!!!!!
  8. Your attempt at 'getting things going' in the General Sport section failed miserably.
  9. The benefits system has changed considerably. Anyone under 35 living on there own can no longer claim single occupancy allowance. Anyone newly unemployed used to get their first 13 weeks rent paid in full, not any more. Council tax was paid in full, not any more.
  10. You need a permanent place of residence and a bank account to get Universal credit so how would an illegal immigrant get it? As for sitting on your backside any benefits claimant has to prove that they are actively looking for work for at least 35 hours per week. They have to attend an interview weekly and sign up to Universal Job match.
  11. Do we have a welfare system that pays better than going out to work ????? A 25-35 year old living in a one bedroom flat would get £513 per month that figure includes his or her rent/ council tax/ water rates/ energy bills and food. I'm not sure any job pays less than that per month.
  12. 84 and more men than women ratio 43:1 and Gary looks shocked in his new photo.
  13. Robbo


    Or how many phone lines they have.
  14. Seem to remember them doing something similar years ago to wind Widnes up with a 3 eyed fish, not sure if that backfired also. Does seem to be only Warrington that produce these wind ups. As for adding a bit of fun to rugby I think it's going to need alot more than that.
  15. You would have been better staying at home.
  16. Will be interesting to see if the new league structure of the Super 8's has halted the decline in league attendances witnessed in 2014
  17. https://twitter.com/BasnettDavid/status/628279987389468674
  18. Toby Du Toit a winger but I think it was the 1970's. Couple more were Van Rooyen who played for Widnes in the 30's and Tom Van Vollenhoven who played for Saints in the 50's and 60's.
  19. Belated Happy Birthday Dizzy, hope you had a good one.
  20. Robbo


    Not sure it's all the fault of Politicians. The problem is that patients just wont wait. If it's a real emergency then it should be A+E, or call the doctor out, or visit a walk in centre or insist when you phone up that you want an appointment that day, failing that, ask for an appointment in a few days time or go on 'patient access' and book one online.
  21. Wembley and my laptop have something in common......................................... they're both wireless.
  22. My mate said thank you for those kind words Diz.
  23. to .......................... Mick Jagger (for some strange reason a mate of mine asked me to post this ?????)
  24. If you know what dept you want try doing a search on google. I wanted to talk to someone in the Environmental health dept of Halton Borough Council which is an 0303 number. After a search I found an old web page with an 01928 number which is still directed through the same switchboard, but because its an 01 number it was free on my service provider. It doesn't get you through any quicker but by not paying you can relax and wait.
  25. Diz, because it has to reach the top of the towers in this photo.
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