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  1. Interesting to see how much channel flipping went on, and indeed what the TV audience will be for the next two debates.
  2. You've beaten me to it Dismayed, I was just going to post the story..
  3. I rather think that Corporal Sarah Bryant was on the front line in Afghanistan when she, and three other soldiers, were blown up and killed in their snatch Landrover, on 17th June 2008.
  4. As is often the case, there is more to this matter than meets the eye, albeit absurd that there should be any payout. Given that the UK is skint, maybe there should be no state compensation payouts of any sort.
  5. Mr Cable got totally and absolutely taken apart today on the Politics Show. Yet again the Lib Dems have been shown to be the liars that they are. And if lying isn't bad enough, to make it worse they are sanctimonious with it. I have never, ever been impressed by Mr Cable, my judgement of people has been proved to be right, yet again.
  6. I understand Halton Borough Council have commenced legal proceedings.
  7. Bit busy, didn't see it. It is a carpark not a road......also a matter for the local Councillor. That being said, I have a meeting this morning regarding potholes so amongst other things I will mention it.
  8. That was her by election defeat Baz, prior to which she stood as the "local candidate" in Eddisbury (Cheshire) in the 2005 General Election. Came a distant third as I recall.
  9. Well I ordered mine with Basmati rice, chips, poppadoms and naan bread plus a few beers........................ Then I realised it has something to do with me not making any politically controversial posts during the election period. Crikey, it's going to be a long month.
  10. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1263684/NHS-Trust-forced-hold-English-lessons-foreign-nurses.html Just a thought, don't prospective employees have a interview.....using conversational English. Indeed isn't one of the criteria in the job advert, an ability to speak fluent English
  11. Totally agree with you and the NUT, Observer. I seem to recall a senior academic....from I think the University of Bournemouth defending the policy on a radio 4 interview. Makes you despair. Maybe they should concentrate on ensuring that rising numbers of youngsters aren't leaving the education system, for all intents and purposes, innumerate and illiterate.
  12. Paul Kennedy


    They have and hopefully will be removed otherwise they will just ruin what is a very good forum.
  13. Can't go back that far but in Jan 2000 we produced about 146,000 cars, in Jan 2010 we produced about 101,000. Interestingly in Jan 2009 the figure was about 61,000.
  14. How do you work that one out, Mr Osborne wants to be the Chancellor, Mr Cable certainly doesn't. Interestingly on a local level, when Fiona Bruce stood down from the WBC finance job, the L/Ds went in to a blind panic when they thought that they might have to do it....and take responsibility for making tough decisions.
  15. Something Vince would absolutely not want to happen...L/Ds don't do responsibility
  16. Crikey Observer, pretty depressing stuff, think I better get the next flight to.........
  17. The thing that Mr Cable most fears is receiving a call inviting him to be Chancellor.
  18. The great news is Paul, that nominations have just opened for the local elections, get your name down and give it a go.
  19. You beat me to it Eagle. Interestingly when they televise the commons, you can see the lines that they toe, I understand that they have to be a minimum of 2 swords lengths apart. ....whatever that length is.
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