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  1. "openness and transparency" Sha, crikey that is radical thinking.
  2. The main problem for Labour Baz is the loss of so many MPs in Scotland, if they are unable to win back those seats.....and I certainly believe they won't in 2020, then irrespective who their Leader is, they will not form a Government. Coupled to which, the proposed Boundary changes to (rightly) reduce the number of MPs will have an adverse effect on their numbers at the 2020 election.
  3. Very true, and a disgrace. Unfortunately it is not limited to the state sector...indeed I understand the former England manager, who in effect was responsible for his own demise, is picking up a £1 million payoff. The reality is that those who agree to giving these payouts do so to set a precedent...that one day they might use. It seems that those at the higher echelons of management are handsomely rewarded when things are going well.....but worryingly are also well rewarded for failure....and often then move in to another job seamlessly...guess it is great if you can get it....don't think that I was ever that lucky!
  4. Details of the approved CCTV systems for taxis: https://www.warrington.gov.uk/downloads/file/10952/april_newsletter_2015
  5. Isn't it only illegal...or inadmissible evidence when the Police do it. In the case in question, the England manager was being paid £3million pa plus bonuses...which he clearly thought was insufficient and needed to do some "moonlighting".....understand that he might have been given a £1million payoff by the FA.....I sense it was his criticism of his employer and mocking a previous England manager that meant he had to "resign"....not making money "on the side". Guess HMRC might be scrutinising what has been going on.
  6. I think the last major changes came in to force in 2007, then I think there were some minor changes in 2009. It is often the case that from a political party perspective there will be winners and losers, and each Party pushes hard for those changes that benefit it and conversely opposes those changes that do not benefit it. So taking the current proposal for Warrington North and South, the Conservatives in Warrington South, will, I think, be content to see Latchford East moving to Warrington North whilst Labour will not, and Labour in Warrington North will be content to receive Latchford East, whilst the Conservatives will not. Politics aside, I happen to think that in order to equalise voter numbers, the proposal makes sense, coupled to the fact that both Constituencies remain within and consist of the Borough Boundary. Because the Boundary Commission are being tasked to reduce the number of constituencies, and given Labour constituencies tend to have smaller electorate numbers, in this review Labour will tend to be most adversely affected.
  7. No that was local government boundaries Dizzy, the latest one is Parliamentary Constituencies. Totally agree with the reduction in numbers and equalisation of electorate size. As the Boundary Commission is independent, MPs should not have the final say / veto on their proposals, there is a proper consultation process that MPs like all of us can participate in....and I have done, agreeing with the proposals for both Warrington Constituencies, the Commission then make their final proposals, which should come in to force for the schedules general election in May 2020....neither WBC or its Councillors could veto the Boundary review that took place in Warrington...it just had to be accepted...with a shrug of the shoulders....and guess what, the world didn't come to an end.......
  8. Thanks Dizzy.....not sure that I will be as prolific poster as I was, but from time to time will comment....and see how it goes.
  9. What's Facebook....is it an inferior form of this Forum
  10. Happy Birthday Dizzy...and many more.
  11. Problem is that it will be us, the customers, who ultimately foot the bill....albeit that it is very irritating to say the least at the time some of these road works take...even worse when they are dug up one week, filled in.....and dug up again shortly after....with the worst of all being a newly relaid road being dug up.....and not put back to its original condition. They are busy relaying a road near where I live...interesting to see how long it will be before it gets dug up.
  12. Have a long, happy and healthy retirement. Enjoy.
  13. Not sure they are intelligent enough to do that Observer.
  14. As is mostly the case, we humans complain about change....but then adapt very quickly....and then wonder what all of the fuss was about. Must admit I always reuse the plastic bags as bin bags...albeit my stock is now much depleted....not sure what I will do when they have all gone. Often think shops selling clothes should give paper carrier bags...and follow Primark's excellent example....and as an aside, Primark have an outlet in Selfridges....and put your purchase in a Selfridges heavy duty paper bag...how posh is that.........do they have an outlet in Harrods......
  15. Just wondering if this topic should now be closed as the Conservative Leadership has been resolved, and a new topic set up about some of the items mentioned in the most recent posts.
  16. Yes, correct. Interesting to see what he does, if it was me, I would probably go so as to clear the decks and enable him and his family to make a new life for themselves. Guess he must be pretty shell-shocked with what has happened over the last couple of weeks...and now having to move family out of No 10 at very short notice.
  17. An interesting point, albeit Mrs May has said "Brexit means Brexit" and will be judged accordingly.
  18. 35,453 Maidenhead voters did in the 2015 General Election....a 66% share of the vote. That being said I understand what you are saying, albeit the reality is that you don't actually vote for a Prime Minister directly. My thought is that given the current instability in the country, a G/E simply adds to that instability and uncertainty, coupled to which the largest opposition party is in total chaos and those who seem to be pushing for a G/E are only interested in reversing the democratic decision of the Referendum vote or trying to unite a very disunited party. Only turkeys who have lost the will to live vote for Christmas.
  19. Not sure that I can claim credit for that Observer, indeed had I have been Mrs Leadsom then I would have stood aside after the final ballot....and made sure that I got a meaningful position in the new Cabinet...now her bargaining position is somewhat weaker. Interestingly, I would put Mrs Leadsom in charge of Brexit as Deputy PM/Secretary of State for Brexit, and as I have previously said, I think it could be all sorted very quickly, and that by 1st January 2018, we are out. Anyway at least we should have a new PM installed before too long....and hopefully before the recess as I suggested in a previous post, guess there will need to be discussions with Mr Cameron regarding the timing of the handover...........and booking the removal trucks. And if I was Mr Cameron, I would also be standing down as an MP at the same time. Regarding Labour, I find it unbelievable....and very sad really, that an incumbent, if challenged, is not automatically on the ballot paper. What makes it even worse is the fact that the rules have been so incompetently written that it seems they are open to "legal interpretation" in order to determine the qualifying status of the incumbent! PS Yes you are right about folk becoming fearful about sticking their head above the parapet....all rather worrying for the future of our democracy.
  20. That is true, unfortunately her boss set her an impossible task. Immigration policy, and its numbers, should be based purely on what our economy and its infrastructure needs and is able to support....and not some sort of fantasy number, plucked out of the air to "appease the masses" for political expediency. So taking housing as an example of infrastructure, if currently we are unable to house, in a civilised and affordable manner our existing population, it cannot be right to intentionally increase our population by way of immigration, as that would and indeed has made the housing situation worse, ditto education, health and social services provision. What the UK needs now is leadership, not delayed until September time, and I would suggest that Mrs Leadsom stands aside, is rewarded accordingly for putting country before self, and Mrs May becomes Prime Minister and gets on with running the country and getting on with Brexit.
  21. Be careful with upgrades, printers and certain software might not function correctly......or at all. I am running it, pre-installed, on a PC and a laptop, find it very good and better than Windows 7 and 8.
  22. Ay, she has had a rude awakening to what being media savvy means. Interesting to see how many interviews she continues to do, I rather sense that for the moment, any that she might do will be dominated by her CV, motherhood and lack of cabinet experience. Personally, I would like to know what her strategic policies would be for the UK if she becomes the PM...as I think I have got the gist of the previous mentioned matters, I would also like to know more about Mrs May's policies....albeit that I don't actually have a vote.
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