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  1. You tell me Mary and in my case my picture appears on the WWW Forum. Guess it must be that we British are mug enough to accept it.
  2. Seems everybody applying for a passport, even renewals, from 2009 will have to attend an interview at a "local" centre. What an absolute load of rubbish ( or words to that effect ), I've held a passport for 30 years, why on earth should I have to waste, time, effort and money in attending an interview miles away. To me, being a simple fellow, I would think it not too difficult to sift out applications that might possibly be fraudulent. No doubt costs will rise and there will be chaos, words simply fail me. Well not just yet, we have ineffective border controls, we have 500,000 + illegals here and convicted foreign murderers and rapists rampaging around the country and all our Government seems to be able to do is penalise and impede the vast majority of our law abiding citizens. Pathetic. http://travel.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,10295-2163164,00.html
  3. The firm was founded by Tina Dutton - a family friend of Katona's - and Andrea Winders.
  4. No because that would be blatant discrimination on the grounds of race or religion.
  5. Pink Ladies operates on a members' only basis to avoid sex discrimination laws. By and large sex discrimination laws are based on the assumption that it is normally women that are discriminated against, and here is a quote from the Act: "The Sex Discrimination Act (SDA) is written in terms of discrimination against women but it applies equally to discrimination against men. These guidelines are written as if the discrimination applies to a woman but they should be read as also applying to a man". The following is the applicable exception to S29 of the Sex Discrimination Act: "services which are not covered by the SDA such as genuinely private members' clubs which operate a strict selection procedure for membership".
  6. Understand they might be thinking of franchising their business as a way of expanding it/improving service levels etc.
  7. Certainly is a good idea, years ago Rover used to fit Dunlop Denovo tyres to their P6 model cars enabling them to seal and reflate if punctured. Many BMWs now have run flat tyres as standard.
  8. Eagle, actually it is, however if a men only taxi service was set up, that might not be. There are other gender and race anomalies :confused:
  9. That is true Geoff, in this and many other aspects of our lives, but as is said, a person's perception is their reality, and it tends to be the problems and trouble that makes the headlines. That being said, women do need to be careful if they are by themselves as there are some "nutters" about. With regards to the Pink Ladies Taxis, it is a market economy, if they are offering something women want, they will succeed, if not they won't. Good luck to them, that is what I say. [ 02.12.2005, 07:16: Message edited by: Paul Kennedy ]
  10. As a regular taxi user I can concur with that comment, and it is not only Warrington.
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