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  1. In light of todays Bigotgate I wonder if any people who voted Labour might like to reconsider their choice?
  2. A few years ago I took some garden rubbish and a container of old engine oil down to one local tip. While I was unloading the rubbish one of the denizens of the site spotted the oil and very helpfully took it away for me, I was less impressed when 5 minutes later I saw him pouring the filthy stuff all over a pile of metal junk at the back of the site. "That will keep the gypsies off my scrap!" he shouted. I've never trusted skip rats since...
  3. I was talking to a gentleman who has acted as a presiding officer (glorified foreman) in a polling station, he informed me that for his day in a station he was paid over 200 pounds, plus 30 for attending a briefing beforehand and another 10 for travelling costs (he used to walk the 500 yards), nice work if you can get it...
  4. It was in fact a St Georges day parade that you are struggling to identify, what a fine, patriotic bunch you all are... Unbelievable.
  5. The established ethnic minority communities are made up of people who came to Britain fully prepared to live by British rules, their older generation are conservative people and they really don't trust the latest arrivals, some with good cause. A lot of the Sikhs and Hindus who came to Britain in the 60s/70s were genuine asylum seekers who barely escaped with their lives, victims of Muslim ethnic cleansing, these same people are watching the Islamification of their neighbourhoods and getting nervous, and that's not racism, that's experience...
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