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  1. Public sector spending, it's a funny old game, £300,000 to blow on pointless bells and whistles yet the town's roads are effectively unpoliced due to lack of funding.
  2. I didn't know that they were eyeing up the Sankey Green area Dizzy, it could possibly explain their attempt to scupper the new Lidl/KFC development at the planning stage.
  3. While they may be short of a price for their new Town Hall, they've got a figure for the new station at Warrington West alright, according to the leaflet that came through the door the other day it's 'around' £18million and the station has 250 car parking spaces. Now in 2013 I distinctly remember our council leader describing an 'all singing, all dancing' new station featuring all the trimmings and with 350 parking spaces, which marvel of the age was going to cost us £7million, what's all that about?
  4. It does seem unlikely that an organisation which observes the fall of every financial sparrow when it comes to the rest of us, can suddenly forget how many beans make five when it comes to the amount of money it spends on itself.
  5. I remember a feller once who came out with a word I'd never heard of, I thort I could read and rite but it stumped me, I had to stop him and ask him what it meant. Peripatetic. It means mobile, not fixed at one location, why couldn't he have said that? Anyway, back to Trump...
  6. If memory serves, WBC stated at the time that the cash, the exact amount of which was said to be 'commercially sensitive' but was believed to be hundreds of thousands of pounds, was a loan. Almost 4 years on, it would be interesting to know if the repayments (if any) are on track, though I suspect that information might be commercially sensitive too.
  7. I noticed the other day that the super duper information box that they put up in my local stop some years ago at great expense, and which stopped working shortly after, had finally been removed. I must nip down there to marvel at the new one.
  8. I have to wonder what Central Government is making of a council which is borrowing every red cent it can, even from places where others fear to tread, and then blowing it. I don't expect the idea of a local authority modelling itself on the pre crash Greek economy is going down well.
  9. Take the councils £150 million loan via city issued bonds for instance, not one local authority outside of London had ventured into that market for over 10 years. Does that make every corporate finance manager in every other council in the country thick...or prudent?
  10. I don't expect this latest one would have either, if the decision had gone the other way!
  11. According to the Washington Post, Trump has put an immediate freeze on the US governments hiring of any more employees to add to the bloated Federal bureaucracy that Obama created, it's also suggested that the host of fresh pen pushers which were hired recently to beat Trumps inauguration last Friday may be told not to turn up. That sure looks like a good start to me.
  12. Over sixty six thousand days sick were thrown in Warrington Hospital last year. In one hospital! A hospital spokesman smugly pointed out that this was below the NHS average, so presumably that's alright then. This is the classic symptom of a malaise called public sector bloat, I suggest, one that the NHS suffers in spades.
  13. Going from most reports, this nice old building has been allowed to deteriorate horribly, the tried and tested method of demolition by neglect. The council, who will have surveyed the place and know its true state, should make it clear to the taxpayers what its plans are, since they obviously didn't buy it on impulse.
  14. Greece was already a basket case, which was then given a AAA credit rating just the same as the big economic power houses, a ten year cash binge followed of the 'hairdressing is a dangerous profession, they should retire on a full pension at 50' variety, in its greed to swallow up the little countries, the EU copped a belly ache with that one.
  15. Warrington Borough Council fell upon that option of taking on responsibility for adult social care in return for being able to charge extra council tax like a tramp on hot chips, as with all their financial jinks, I really hope they're as smart as they think they are.
  16. Then there's Momentum instead of Militant Tendency.
  17. Another phrase which has appeared just lately is 'populist movement' a term used by the media to sneer at the millions of people who have started to vote the way they feel and not how the people with coloured rosettes tell them.
  18. And expense as usual too; Remainers are especially fond of reminding us that the £350 million a week that the NHS had apparently been promised after Brexit hasn't been forthcoming, conveniently forgetting that their Eurochums are still slurping it down.
  19. Around here they elect the rosette not the candidate, the 'if they were good enough for my granddad' factor. Well, that spell is due to break.
  20. The cost to the establishment is considerable too, since the public will never trust 'them upstairs' the same way again after it has become clear that they think nothing of overturning a democratic vote if it doesn't suit them. The sight of an elected British government being openly defied by the people who really run the country has opened a few eyes.
  21. I was tickled by the interview that the new LibRemainer MP gave on Talk Radio, when the show host started to mischievously enquire when the second By-election was to take place in line with her views on the Brexit vote she did an enormous flounce and 'had to leave'.
  22. When hundreds of millions of emails which are openly meant to deceive and defraud are sent every day, with no attempt made to interfere by the law, you have to wonder if the police are involved at all.
  23. I presume you're referring to the governments top secret policy for Brexit Obs, which was recently revealed after it was photographed while scribbled on a note pad being carried out of a high level meeting. You couldn't make it up.
  24. I wonder how many nice things are being denied to us in the UK because they don't have the CE mark (Conformite Europeean) which our former bosses in Brussels demanded before goods could be brought into their protectionist empire? Or for that matter, how much more desirable would other markets find our own goods if they weren't standardised (or harmonised, as the EU calls it) by single market rules? Some might claim that the CE mark is a guarantee of quality, which it isn't, witness the amount of junk which bears it.
  25. In line with an apparent policy of watching what other local authorities get away with and then copying them, I'm waiting for WBC to go to emptying our black bins every three weeks, it's being looked at, don't worry.
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