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  1. Hey Gman; there are those who seek headlines, and like the Bliarites, live by them: and those that have headlines thrust upon them by a Press agenda.
  2. As some pundit said on TV: those who live by headlines, will die by the headlines.
  3. Guess we're sleepwalking into an Orwellian nightmare .... still, we could vote 'em out, while we still have a vote.
  4. Certainly come in handy for those spare tyres.
  5. It seems gender, race and religious minorities can be sinned against; but can't sin.
  6. Unfortunately; I don't think you'll find any of these private developments are affordable to first time buyers; niether are the rented properties; bearing in mind, that young couples may wish to rent while they save for a deposit on a mortgage. The answer is; cheap rented accomodation provided by the Council or Housing Associations; but the Government are in denial.
  7. Can't someone take a photo(s) and put it on screen? Would save all this guessing!
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